Purpose of the Courses


Dynamic Learning Methods are for students of all grades, helping them to ensure examination success by using proven techniques of outstanding value. For the student who has limited time at his disposal, clearly the fastest method of mastering the syllabus with the maximum degree of retention is the best.


Regardless of quantity or
difficulty of the material being studied, results prove that Dynamic Learning Methods greatly improves the retention of the student. In view of this it is surprising that most educational establishments have not introduced the study of “How to Learn” as an essential and basic part of the curriculum. It would seem to be a classic example of putting the cart before the horse. Dynamic Learning Methods has been evolved to fill this gap in education, and by showing students how to study correctly, inculcate a genuine pleasure in their work.


The use of correct study techniques will make studying a more active process and therefore stimulate interest. Interest in a subject will promote understanding. For this purpose our tutors are specially selected because of their flexibility of thought and ability to show students that they are not just passive receptacles of facts but beings capable of thinking for themselves.


If correct study a procedure results in the student finding his work more interesting, and as result his grades improve, it follows usually that his motivation to study will also improve.