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Dynamic Learning Methods

Students usually have great difficulty in retaining the massive quantity of information that they must know for examinations. The following sections of the course will help the student not only retain information, but also be able to reproduce it accurately under the stress of examination conditions.

Although aids to retention may be considered as study techniques they have been separated into different sections because of their importance, and consequently need to be covered in great detail. The techniques mentioned below are not only aids to retention, but also to speed, and understanding.

Efficient reading means not only fast reading, but knowing how to adjust reading according to the type of passage. It is an active procedure requiring constant assessment of the validity of what it is being read as well as relating to one’s existing knowledge.

In class a point missed or not properly understood may prevent the student from understanding the rest of the lesson. Indeed if a student has failed to understand parts early in the lesson his attention may wander off the subject completely with the result that the whole lecture is wasted.

The aim of this section is to instruct the student in basics of logic and to explain the most common errors in communications. It is important that one is discerning about what one says as well as what one hears.

Primary School, High School & Advanced Level

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